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The Center of HVP Huye is a notable institution situated in Butare, which is Rwanda's second-largest city, located approximately 130 km south of the capital Kigali. The Butare school was initially founded in 1978 as a technical laboratory before it was converted into a fully-fledged educational facility. Over the years, the Center of HVP Huye has made tremendous strides in providing education to children, especially those with disabilities. In 2015, the center HVP Gatagara/Butare had a total of 369 students, of which 131 were children with disabilities. Among the children with disabilities, 120 had physical disabilities, while 11 had hearing impairments. The remaining 238 students did not have any disabilities. The Center of HVP Huye has earned a reputation for providing quality education and support to children with disabilities in Rwanda. It has dedicated facilities and trained personnel who provide specialized support to children with disabilities to ensure they receive the same quality education as their non-disabled peers. The institution has also received support from various international organizations and well-wishers, enabling it to enhance its facilities and services over the years. In conclusion, the Center of HVP Huye in Butare, Rwanda, is an institution that has played a significant role in providing education and support to children with disabilities. Its dedication to providing quality education to all children, regardless of their physical limitations, is commendable and sets an excellent example for other institutions in the region.

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Core Activities

As part of the support for students with disability, HVP Gatagara / Butare offers medical services, physiotherapy, a school infirmary for somatic care organized for monitoring children, particularly the disabled. It also has a resource room where students with any impairment or problem that requires follow-up can continue their daily studies and gain skills without experiencing barriers. The resource room also employs a permanent qualified teacher. The on-site physiotherapy service supports children with physical disabilities. The hospital treats single somatic diseases in children with and without disabilities. Complicated cases are transferred to HVP Gatagara / Nyanza and Butare University Hospital. Library: Group Scolaire Gatagara has a library open to all students which is also accessible.



The Center of HVP Huye offers an upper secondary education program known as A Level, which consists of two main sections: MCB and MCE. The MCB section includes Maths, Computer Studies, and Biology, while the MCE section covers Maths, Computer Studies, and Economics. These two sections provide students with a broad range of knowledge and skills that prepare them for higher education and various career paths. The institution boasts of modern and well-equipped laboratories where students can enhance their practical skills. The labs available for use include the Computer lab, Chemistry lab, and Biology lab, which are mainly used for practicals in the MCB and MCE sections. Additionally, the Higher Education lab (A1 laboratory) is shared with the Kigali Health Institute, providing students with an opportunity to interact and learn from peers in other institutions. The Center of HVP Huye also has two other labs, namely the Medical lab and the Computer lab, which are available for student use. The Medical lab is specifically designed to cater to the needs of students in the medical field, while the Computer lab is available for all students and is equipped with modern computing facilities and software to support the learning of computer studies. In conclusion, the Center of HVP Huye's A Level program provides students with a broad range of knowledge and skills through its MCB and MCE sections. Additionally, the institution's well-equipped laboratories provide students with opportunities to enhance their practical skills in various fields, including medicine and computer studies. This approach prepares students for higher education and successful careers in their respective fields.


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Game :

The Center of HVP Huye offers a variety of sports and activities for its students, including sitting volleyball, sitting ball, table tennis, football, basketball, drama, and traditional dance. However, not all games may be accessible for all students, and participation may depend on the individual's disability. As a result, the school is currently exploring ways to become more inclusive for all its students. The institution is committed to providing equal opportunities for all its students, and it is continuously seeking ways to enhance its services and facilities to ensure that all students can participate in sports and other activities regardless of their physical limitations.