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Father NDAGIJIMANA Julien Adrien Joseph Fraipont Founder of HVP Gatagara and the grand father of persons living with disabilities in Rwanda. He was son of Lucien Fraipont and Angèle Boden, born on 11th October 1919 in Waremme, Province of Liège, Belgium. Ordained Priest on 30th June 1946, he was directly appointed professor at the College of Waremme. He was sent to Nyanza in 1957 as a professor of Christ the King.

  • 1958: Request for the construction of the center
  • 1959: authorization found and construction work began in 1959 with funding from Misereor.
  • The Home de la Vierge des Pauvres Gatagara wasopened in 1960
  • 1978, The school of laboratory was opened
  • 1979, a branch for the blind.
  • On May 26, 1982, Fraipont died, the Episcopal Conference of Rwanda entrusted the HVP to the congregation of the brothers of the charity which assumed the direction since then
Father Fraipont is the pioneer of orthopedic care and rehabilitation in Rwanda since the foundation of HVP Gatagara in 1960.
Father Fraipont initiated in Rwanda inclusive and special education for people with disabilities.

Founder NDAGIJIMANA Julien Adrien Joseph Fraipont

HVP GATAGARA main gate



High quality and sustainable education, orthopedic and rehabilitation services to all persons with physical disabilities in partnership with other stakeholders. Healthcare, education and reintegration services in a fiscally responsible manner which contribute to the holistic well-being of the patients and community which it serves
Educational and research activities related to the provision of care, education and reintegration of persons with physical disabilities and/or the promotion of health, education and reintegration.


To radiate God's love to People with Disability through healthcare and special education.



Home de la Vierge des Pauvres "HVP GATAGARA" is the institution working in favour of Persons with Disability.
The organization was founded by Father Joseph Fraipont NDAGIJIMANA.who started operations in 1962 in Gatagara, the "hill of hope" and was the first and only one center for medical care, education and reintegration of Persons with Disability in Rwanda.


Compassion, Professionalism, Partnership, Quality and Accountability.

Students from Groupe scolaire HVP Gatagara



HVP Gatagara has a primary goal of promoting and supporting individuals with disabilities, specifically by providing top-quality orthopedic care and education for children with disabilities. Through this initiative, people with disabilities can enjoy an enhanced quality of life and overall well-being. Additionally, HVP Gatagara aims to facilitate the reintegration process for those with isabilities, promoting their active participation and inclusion in society. By offering comprehensive care and support, HVP Gatagara strives to create a more equitable and accessible world for individuals with disabilities, empowering them to live their lives to the fullest.

Inside HVP Gatagara organization

Inside HVP Gatagara organization



  • To make the greatest possible contribution to improve the quality of life of persons with phyisical diasablilities, advancing to wards the ultimate goal of universal accessible to specialized orthopedic and reconstruction sugery and rehabilitation service for those in need of care, as human right of comphrensive response to healthcare access.
  • To create awareness to all stakeholders
  • To help HVP GATAGARA Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital to priotize and plan accordingly