Day Centre Humura

The day Humura center is opened door in February 2004 Gasabo district Ndera Sector in Kigali but the project come into being in 1997. At that moment, the activities of the centre were confined to doing door to door visits. During a certain time, children and youngers with mental disability started to come to vegetable garden in Caraes to lean some manual skills. Moreover ,they learn breeding of cows,goats,rabbits and hens. After a couple of years, the idea come to create a model day centre. The contruction of the centre begin in October 2003 and the activities of the centre started in February 2004 on the 8th june the same year we have the official inauguration of the centre.

The general objective of the centre is to improve quality of life of children and youngsters with mental disability whose home is located in the surrounding of ndera sector (model of quality life). We try to better integrate those children and those youngsters in their families and in their community :
In particular their social environment of every day (model of integration) in order to reach those objectives the project works on time main lines :
socialize children (Orth pedagogic model) and guide parents to accept and better understand their child with mental disability and assure the particular needs as far as education is concerned.

Humura centre school of life
As we emphasized previously the centre exist to serve youngsters and children with mental disability have intelligence under the norms they don’t have enough cognitive to take part with success in the normal primary tuition. That for the reason that the center tries to shape the environment according to the special education of those persons .

Therefore, if we want to develop an education action ,it necessary to adapt the programme to the capacities and needs of the customers. In our center, the programme is differentiated following the degree of disability, the age, and the sex .
As consequence, we have 5 groups of activities:

Group 1: Precocious stimulation: which gathers children, boys and girls between 0-6 years.
Group 2: Autonomy: which gathers children, boys and girls between 7-12 years with stern or moderate mental disability.
Group 3: Exploration: which gathers youngsters, boys and girls between 13-21 years with moderate or light mental disability
Group 4: Housekeeping :which gathers youngsters ,boys and girls with a moderate or light mental disability
Group 5: Cultivating: which gathers boys and girls between 13-21 years with a moderate or light disability


Five Groups of Activities:
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