• Mytylschool Roosendaal Representative
    has been conducted a visit
    at HVP GATAGARA and
    distribute some adapted
    school materials for inclusive school
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  • Important visit of the Brother Superior
    General of the brothers of charity together
    with the delegation of the friends
    of the brothers of charity to the HVP Gatagara
    by MSV  Read more..


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Welcome Message

A very warm welcome to the new website of HVP Gatagara. We have decided to introduce a new website layout to make it easier for you to find and share resources. Our passion and care for People with Disabilities continues in our delivery of superior orthopaedic care, rehabilitation services and inclusive special education.
As part of our commitment to making our information more accessible, we have introduced additional resources and engaged with our partners to ensure we provide more interesting content.

We would like to thank everybody involved for their significant contribution. Your support to the HVP Gatagara makes a huge difference in the lives of Peoples with Disabilities. Please do give us your feedback on the changes so that we may continue to improve our website.
Thank you
Director General

HVP Vision

To radiate God's love to People with Disability through healthcare and special education.

HVP Background

Home de la Vierge des Pauvres "HVP GATAGARA" is the institution working in favour of Persons with Disability.
The organization was founded by Father Joseph Fraipont NDAGIJIMANA.who started operations in 1962 in Gatagara, the "hill of hope" and was the first and only one center for medical care, education and reintegration of Persons with Disability in Rwanda.

Target Group

Visual impairment ,Hearing impairment and Physical impairment

HVP Values

Compassion,Professionalism,Partnership,Quality and Accountability.

Recent Activities at HVP Gatagara Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital

HVP Mission

High quality and sustainable education, orthopedic and rehabilitation services to all persons with physical disabilities in partnership with other stakeholders.

Healthcare, education and reintegration services in a fiscally responsible manner which contribute to the holistic well being of the patients and community which it serves

Educational and research activities related to the provision of care, education and reintegration of persons with physical disabilities and/or the promotion of health, education and reintegration.

What we do

Special Education, Inclusive Education, Physiotherapy, Care for People with Disability, Orthopedic Surgery & Orthopedic Care, Occupational Therapy, Community based Rehabilitation.

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